12W High Intensity Hide A Way Green Strobe Light

12W High Intensity LED hideaway unit can be used for surface mounting anywhere on your vehicle

Ultra small, self contained, semi-hemispheric LED light, for surface mount or internal mount within composite head lamps, cornering lamps and tail light assemblies.

This hideaway strobe light creates considerable light output, extremely bright and easy to install.

Working at DC 12V

Color : Green

Generation III high power LED, Hide-away light
Pre-programmed multiple flash patterns
Alternating or simultaneous flashing available

Technical Specifications:
12 PCS of 1 Watt LEDs
18 Different Flash Patterns

RED: + 12V DC (Fuse@ 3A)
BLACK: - GROUND Connect to Ground vehicle chassis
YELLOW Pattern Selection
To select Flash pattern, apply Yellow to red, Less than 1 second for next pattern
About 3-5 seconds for steady burn, more than 5 seconds to turn off
White: Synchronization
Connect White wire of all heads together for synchronization
All heads must be on same flash pattern to be able to sync

Flash Patterns:
0. Random,
1. Single (split)
2. Double (split)
3. Quad (split)
4. Quint (split)
5. Mega (split)
6. Ultra (split)
7. Single - Quad (split)
8. Single H/L (split)
9. Single (all)
10. Double (all)
11. Quad (all)
12. Quint (all)
13. Mega (all)
14. Ultra (all)
15. Single - Quad (all)
16. Single H/L (all)
17. Steady 2 (California)
18. Steady 4 (all)


Product Content

  • 1 x 12W LED Hide-A-Way Strobe
  • Screws