4 x 12W High Intensity Hide A Way Strobe Light

12W High Intensity LED hideaway unit can be used for surface mounting or internal mount in a 1" hole

This hideaway strobe light creates considerable light output, extremely bright and easy to install.

Working at DC 12V

Color : Amber & White,   Amber,   Green,    Red,     White,  Blue,    Red & White,    Blue,    Red & White  ( Please choose your color at the bottom )

Generation III high power LED, Hide-away light
Pre-programmed multiple flash patterns
Alternating or simultaneous flashing available

Technical Specifications:
12 PCS of 1 Watt LEDs
19 Flash Patterns
Solid Alternating Flash Patterns
Mounts in a 1" hole or surface mount anywhere

RED: + 12V DC (Fuse@ 3A)
BLACK: - GROUND Connect to Ground vehicle chassis
YELLOW Pattern Selection
To select Flash pattern, apply Yellow to red, Less than 1 second for next pattern
About 3-5 seconds for steady burn, more than 5 seconds to turn off
White: Synchronization
Connect White wire of all heads together for synchronization
All heads must be on same flash pattern to be able to sync

Flash Patterns:
0. Random,
1. Single (split)
2. Double (split)
3. Quad (split)
4. Quint (split)
5. Mega (split)
6. Ultra (split)
7. Single - Quad (split)
8. Single H/L (split)
9. Single (all)
10. Double (all)
11. Quad (all)
12. Quint (all)
13. Mega (all)
14. Ultra (all)
15. Single - Quad (all)
16. Single H/L (all)
17. Steady 2 (California)
18. Steady 4 (all)


Product Content

  • 4 x 12W LED Hide-A-Way Strobe
  • Screws

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